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Modern Arts-by Elsa

ART speaks where words are unable to explain.

Welcome to my creative space, my artworks and be inspired. Immersed by my vission, let me bring colors to your empty rooms and boring walls.


I have passion in this metaphysical, powerful medium.  My artwork is created by pure imagination. As an artist, I found my groove, it allows myself to do what makes me happy, release my boredom and express my creative mind.  


A self-taught contemporary artist. All of my pieces are inspired by my travels, adventures, nature, humans & animals.  Styles includes, abstract, expressionism, geometric, surrealism, landscapes, figurative, fantasy, subtle, symbolic, minimalism and mystical. My artworks are created with high quality acrylic paint, brush, pallete knives and mixed media. 

You may order reproductions on different types of material; plexi-glass, aluminum, canvas, with or without frames. The original hand-painted  on canvas are unique and no identical piece.


My artistic journey.



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