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"Experience the Beauty of Spring: Five Northern Hemisphere Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List"

Updated: Mar 23

With milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and cheaper accommodation and flight options than in the summer, spring is the perfect time for you to explore somewhere new.

Walk by the Tiber in Rome, admire the beauty of the cherry blossom in Kyoto, or sip coffee at a café in Montreal, this is the season to get out and smell the flowers (quite literally). As passionate traveler, I prepared for you five of my favorite spring destinations in the Northern Hemisphere. Contact me if you would like more information. I will be happy to share tips, and more amazing destinations to help you plan your perfect spring getaway.

Be seduced by the eternal city.

A city full of world-famous sites; from the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum to centuries-old palaces and villas. Head to Trastevere for a vibrant neighborhood of independent boutiques and outdoor terraces. Prati is ideal if you’re visiting Vatican City. Or pick the Pantheon area for luxury hotels and beauty on your doorstep. You can stay in historic hotels with frescos on the wall or have breakfast on your private balcony in a Roman villa. Peel back layers of history in this bewitching city that’ll leave you wanting more.

Our favorite things to do:

1. Do a tour of the crypts and Roman catacombs.

2. Have dinner at a trattoria in Trastevere.

3. Jump on a train to the coastal town of Ostia.

Spring in Rome: The maximum temperature varies between 16° Centigrade (60° Fahrenheit) in March to around 28° Centigrade (83° Fahrenheit) in June.

After a long winter, the city of Montreal comes to life during Spring, with temperatures starting to warm up from April.

Cafes and restaurants fill up with locals and tourists alike looking to enjoy some of the amazing food the city has to offer. But Montreal isn’t just for foodies. Founded in 1642, the city has plenty of beautiful sites on offer. Take in the views with a cycling tour of Canal de Lachine and admire the Basilique Notre-Dame, the old port, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. Spring also brings the beginning of many events such as the Grand Prix du Canada Formula 1.

Our favorite things to do:

1. Take a stroll in the Parc du Mont-Royal.

2. Sit at one of the terraced cafes of Plateau Mont-Royal.

3. Do a walking tour of the old town

Spring in Montreal: The maximum temperature varies between 3° Centigrade (37° Fahrenheit) in March to around 24° Centigrade (76° Fahrenheit) in June.

Istanbul is a multifaceted and alluring meeting point between Europe and Asia, full of youthful energy and rich in both Western and Eastern influences.

Locals will generously welcome you to incredible sites like Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapı Palace, and the Grand Bazaar. The district of Sultanahmet is in the heart of Istanbul and the perfect place to base yourself. The atmospheric underground Basilica Cistern is both unusual and mesmerizing, and cultural festivals of art and music fill the summer calendar.

Our favorite things to do:

1. Wander around Istanbul’s Bazaar District.

2. Ride Istanbul’s ferries.

3. Eat meze at the tavernlike restaurants of the Beyoğlu district.

Spring in Instanbul: The maximum temperature varies between 13° Centigrade (56° Fahrenheit) in March to around 28° Centigrade (83° Fahrenheit) in June.

Kyoto melts the toughest of hearts.

Picture trees laden with cherry blossom in stunning Zen gardens, lavishly decorated palaces, shrines, and temples, and geishas in brightly colored silks walking down the streets of Gion. The public transport is excellent, but as Kyoto is flat and safe, it’s ideal to see on two wheels, so rent a bike to explore the city with ease. A day trip to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest at the foot of Storm Mountains is well worth it.

Our favorite things to do:

1. Stay in a traditional ryokan.

2. Hop on a train to go and taste the culinary delights of Osaka.

3. Experience Katana and Zen in a historical Samurai hous

Spring in Kyoto: The maximum temperature varies between 14° Centigrade (57° Fahrenheit) in March to around 28° Centigrade (82° Fahrenheit) in June.

With its laid-back lifestyle, New Orleans is a city that knows how to party.

Jazz music can be heard in its streets long into the night, while locals and tourists alike enjoy many of its culinary delights. Visit the historic park of Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral, one of the city’s most notable landmarks. Stroll along the brightly painted streets of the French Quarter and enjoy many of its Jazz music venues. Head out of the city to ‘the bayou’ – the swamplands of the Mississippi Delta – and enjoy a paddle steamboat tour.

Our favorite things to do:

1. Do a ghost tour.

2. Enjoy a plate of steaming gumbo.

3. Take a ride on the St. Charles Street Car.

Spring in New Orleans: The maximum temperature varies between 22° Centigrade (72° Fahrenheit) in March to around 32° Centigrade (88° Fahrenheit) in June.

Are you ready?

These are just six of the many amazing spring destinations waiting for you. Be it further a field or right at your doorstep, let us take the stress out of scouring potential spring destinations. With specialists on hand, we can find and plan your trip. Get in touch and let’s get you there.

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