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Why having a travel agent if you can DIY ?

Talking about travel agents, travel advisor whatever you may call.

Today’s Travel Business is highlighting the advantages of using a certified travel advisor/consultant/agent.  Actually, established travel companies is noting that experience and training matter is essential especially in a world emerging from restrictions, security and anxious to travel. Online travel offers and MLM travel business trend is sometimes misleading.  Registering in such platform  and introducing yourself ‘I’m a travel agent’ is very different from achieving and maintaining the level of education you need to do the job well,

A trained travel advisor is not only competitive but a much trusted middleman for a secured and safe travel arrangement.

Let me give you the  reasons to use a certified travel advisor:

Expertise is defined as elite, peak or exceptionally high levels of performance on a particular task or within a given domain. One related terms is master. Word expert is a skill or knowledge in a particular field, thus, it does in the field of travel, they are the travel expert and/or travel advisor.  

Experienced travel agents know the market and can match travelers with a better product than they can find on the Internet. To remind you, Searching in internet for hours without personal advice would be so exhausting and confusing. The computer does what you ask, but does not give objective advice. A certified travel advisor is a highly qualified professional who can guide customers through multiple options, handle the complex reservation process and negotiate things without using client’s energy and time.

You could save money and gain value of what you paid for:

Everyone aimed to save and who doesn’t want, even freebies and great value? With the help of a certified travel advisor, clients can save not only money literally but only could save time and minimize stress.  Travel advisors built a good relation with suppliers that’s why they can offer more extras and freebie. They can sometime arrange with better deals or a free breakfast, welcome drinks or even some snacks & drinks in your room.

As an experience and a certified travel advisor here, I have numbers of clients who have enjoyed welcome champagne, chocolates, free transfers, free breakfast , free entrance ticket at museums / attractions, a free bike tour, a free boat tour, a free voucher for a sightseeing bus and more.

DIY (Do It Yourself ) or booking on your own holiday or escapades is not always having a positive outcome. Sometimes, you could encounter issues that needs to be solved, and there is a person, your travel agent/ advisor who puts a case on your behalf. Another advantage of having your advisor-agent is that if something goes wrong before or during your trip, a certified travel advisor will work hard to get the vacation back on track. Advisors are there to help with flight cancelations, problems with hotel bookings, tracking lost and damaged luggage and any other issues that may arise.

Isn’t it fine having an advisor?

Connections, contacts, affiliates are some of many other resources and business relations. Certified travel advisors have a variety of tools and contacts that consumers can’t access or don't know about. Advisors can often get travelers better airplane seats, special amenities at hotels, room upgrades and more. They also know if you need vaccines as well destination’s travel restriction. An updated information regarding your flight and accommodation.

What  does convenience means to you? The comfort, ease and worry-free of course.  Certified travel advisors save consumers valuable time and energy. They can help clients define what they want to get out of their travels and present options that fulfill or exceed their desires. They can book everything, from hotel to sightseeing, from travel insurance to visa, from air tickets to taxis, from rental cars to rental bikes. In short, all what you need in terms of travel and holidays.

No idea what the best destination is? Confused about the place you wish to explore, is it something like how to explore underwater paradise, where the best coral diving and snorkeling is or where the best white beaches and star gazing is, when is the best season to travel and so on and so on. Before you waste all your time on planning and doing lots of research, how about having inside information from an expert?  Travel advisors sometimes even know which destinations are best before they become overcrowded.

Being special or VIP like?

One thing for sure that everyone wish is to experience is exclusivity. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting something special, and certified travel advisors can make that happen. Some travel experiences, exotic tours, off-the-beaten-path treks and private jet products, among others; often are only available through a professional. A certified travel advisor can open doors unavailable to consumers. They are experts that every travelers could have without doubt!

Long hours on internet searching for a holiday that suits you?

Search until you are exhausted and then haven't found the best price yet. Thanks to the booking tools I have available, I not only save you time but also money. For beach holidays but also for tours and city trips. Through contacts with local agents, accommodations whom I ‘ve met personally, I can offer you the best price, quality service with a personal touch of course.

As a travel advisor, I am personally involved in your journey. From A to Z. From your initial inquiry to trips and homecoming. I'll make sure you get the best accommodation, tips about your destination and the best deal. In addition, I am available for emergencies. If something happens during your trip and you unfortunately have to cut it short, I will also make sure you get home without stress. This personal service doesn't cost you anything extra.

Okay ! Here is the deal.

What are the benefits of booking through me?

  •  A lot of travel experience and knowledge: you can come to me for all types of holidays.

  • Very flexible working hours, even in the evenings or weekends and even on Sundays if that's the only one you can.

  • Time saving: the search for your holiday is completely taken care of by me, of course there will be a quote (or several) tailored to your wishes and budget.

  • One point of contact: I am available for all your questions before your trip, during your trip and after your trip.

  • Accessibility: in principle, I am always available. You can always app, call or email me.

  • Extra service: I can provide you with many extras, such as restaurant tips (and not the places that are often mentioned in travel guides), walking routes, excursions and so on. I'll even make the reservations for you if you appreciate it.

  • And last but not least, I am self-employed at Merry-Go-Round Travel & Tours and affiliated with HolidayPlanners Reisbureau BV. This means that I have access to many parties to accommodate your trips and that your trips are also protected by ANVR, SGR and Calamity Funds (Dutch Travel & Transport Regulations).

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