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Can we travel NOW?

The holidays in 2021 is a very special one. What is possible and what rules apply in other countries.

As a travel adviser, I am happy to help you on your way.

There are so many questions at the moment like....

1. I would like to travel abroad. Is that already possible?

The national government does not recommend travelling abroad. Luckily, this applied in until 15th of May 2021. You could only go abroad if necessary. for example in case of urgent family circumstances such as serious illness or if it necessary for your work. where your presence is required. No necessary trips are; vacation, visit to family, second home, pick up of a car/caravan, refuel in Belgium or Germany.

Thus, Corona measures by country:

In addition to this general travel advice, you are dealing with the country's own corona measures. For example; you may have to have a negative PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) to enter the country. Self-quarantine may also be required. There maybe a curfew within which you are also not allowed to travel. Hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops may be closed. When you return to the Netherlands, you might go home quarantine.

If you want to book anyway, pay attention to the general terms and conditions that apply to the trip. Also check whether your cancellation insurance, travel insurance, health insurance pay out if you unexpectedly get corona complaints.

2. I have vaccinated, can I now travel abroad?

The travel advice and measures provided for each country also apply after vaccination.

A vaccination certificate may be issued for trips abroad, but no decision has yet been taken in the Netherlands within Europe. One of the reasons for this is that it is not yet clear whether someone is still contagious after vaccination and can transmit the virus.

This means that the same corona measures apply to vaccinees in the Netherlands and abroad as to non-vaccinated people. You must therefore also have a negative PCR test to foreign countries, if it is required and /or go into compulsary quarantine.

3. A negative PCR test is mandatory for my holiday country. What if the test is positive?

In addition to entry ban, it also happens that countries themselves set requirements to enter the country, such as a negative COVID-19 test. You will not be admitted to the country with a positive test and you will not be able to leave. In principle, you are not entitled to a refund. In this case, contact the travel organizer, transporter and/or accommodation provider to discuss alternatives, for example rebooking.

Your cancellation insurance may provide cover and you can claim the cancellation costs from the insurance company.

4. What are your rights as a traveller!

You have boooked a trip, but the government has issued code orange for your holiday destination due to corona outbreak. What are the options for cancelling or changing the trip? And what does your travel and cancellation insurance reimburse?

You may ask yourself. During this corona period, am I sufficiently insured with a travel and cancellation insurance?

Insurance covers unforeseen circumstances. It is important to check carefully in advance what exactly you are insured for. Since there is a risk that you will have to incur additional costs due to corona, many insurance company have adjusted and/or excluded their conditions for mandatory quarantine in your holiday country.

When you travel to a country which an orange or red code travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is usually no cover in case of corona.

Another important thing! Check your health insurance if it covers corona cases abroad.

5. I have already paid for my vacation. It is uncertain whether the holiday can continue. Do I still have to pay the rest of the travel sum?

Yes, it is possible that your holiday can be carried out as usual. That is why you have to fulfill your part of the agreement, so, pay.

If it is expected that the trip will not go ahead, you can cancel the payment. You must notify the travel organization in writing. If in doubt, contact your travel agent.

6. Can I Cancel my package holiday free of charge?

You can always cancel , but you will not always get your money back. You are legally only entitled to a refund if you can prove that the situation on site is so bad that you can not be expected to go there or that the trip has been significally changed.

In all other cases, cancellation is not free of charge. The general terms and conditions state what amount you will lose if you cancel. However, the reason for cancellation may fall under your cancellation insurance. Check this in the policy. If you still want to cancel, because you prefer not to go due to corona, contact the tour operator/travel agent and ask if there are other options, such as rebooking. If you think the travel organization will cancel, wait for that, because in that case, you do not have to pay a cancellation fee. The travel organization must refund the travel sum.

7. Is the travel organization allowed to change or cancel a package tour?

The tour operator may change the trip if it concerns minor changes,so the trip can continue. However, the journey may not deviate from the original journey on important points.

If there is a major change, you can reject it. The travel organizer can then cancel the trip and must repay the travel sum within a reasonable period of time.

8. Can I cancel my flight?

You can always cancel a single ticket for your flight, train, bus or boat trip. But you are not always entitled to arefund. Depending on the type of ticket you have booked, you may be entitled to cancel or rebook for a later date free of charge. Check your cancellation insurance if the reason for cancellation is covered.

9. The travel company declared bankcruptcy and not affiliated with the Travel Guarantee Fund (SGR), What now? How can I get my money back?

If the travel organization is bankcrupt, check whether the travel organization is affiliated with another travel guarantee funds such as STO Garant, VSR Garant or GGTO. If the travel company is not affiliated with this either, then you have no choice but to report to the curator. If the letter does not state the contact details of the bankcruptcy trustee, you can check who the bankcruptcy trustee is in the Central Insolvency Register.


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