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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

What makes it so special.

Well, let me give you an interesting facts and views in travelling London. I have visited London several times. I really love this city, a one-of- a -kind.

The first time I explored London was in the year 1988 when travel was not yet a trend. I was young then, that this picture speaks itself.

Time that UK entry visa was strictly scrutinized. I came again and again until I found myself organizing group tours, a bus excursion coming all the way from the Netherlands, cruising the channel onboard a ferry boat , a ferry boat with entertainment and duty free shop. Absolutely gorgeous. Since then, I kept visiting London and never had enough.

London offers lots of activities, events and attractions. You should not miss anything because there is always something to do and something going on. Make sure to discover city’s diverse neighborhoods, from tranquil suburbs to central areas full of shopping, entertainment, bars and restaurants. Whether you are coming for the weekend breaks or for longer holiday, let me guide you or share you my expertise of the city.

I would be glad to assist you , after all. Should you need or required my expertise, do not hesitate to contact me. It is just a call or message away.

So here you are!

Discover the sights and history of London from the water on this leisurely cruise down the Thames River. With your 24-hour pass, enjoy unobstructed views of the city’s main riverside attractions like the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament from within an all-weather vessel, and hop on or off at any stop along the way. Create your own London adventure.

Make sure you don’t miss a thing. My recommendations here below.

1. Westminster to Greenwich Sightseeing Thames Cruise in London from €17,55

Glide by some of London’s must-see landmarks on a sightseeing cruise from Westminster to Greenwich on the Thames River. Step aboard your comfortable cruise boat at Westminster Pier and listen to the entertaining live commentary as you pass sights such as Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. Drink in the views from the open or indoor deck, and at Greenwich, step ashore to visit attractions (own expense) such as the Cutty Sark or National Maritime Museum. Upgrade to include a return cruise back to Westminster.

  • Westminster to Greenwich Thames River sightseeing cruise in London

  • See top London attractions and the city skyline from the water

  • Enjoy great views of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and more

  • Learn about London’s history and landmarks via the live onboard commentary

  • Upgrade to a return ticket to sail back from Greenwich

  • Choice of several departures times throughout the day

  • Ideal for a family day out and for first-time visitors

Settle on the open-air or indoor deck as you wish, and then sit back and enjoy the panoramic views of London’s skyline and waterfronts as you cruise eastward to Greenwich.

During your journey, keep your camera ready as you sail past a string of top London attractions, including the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Tower Bridge. Admire the sights and learn their stories and secrets, as well as the history of the Thames River, via the entertaining live onboard commentary.

On arrival at Greenwich, take the opportunity to explore its many attractions (own expense), perhaps visiting the Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Market, or Royal Greenwich Observatory as you wish; all of them within strolling distance of the pier.

If you’ve booked a return ticket, catch a return cruise boat from Greenwich when your sightseeing is done.

from € 17.66

No visit to England would be complete without experiencing quintessential traditions such as the Changing of the Guard. See British culture come to life from select prime vantage points. In a small group, observe the King's iconic foot guards, clad in red tunics and bearskin hats, and watch the household cavalry put on an impressive display. Follow history-rich guide commentary with ease using a headset.

  • Watch the royal performance from select vantage points only known to experts

  • Witness the iconic foot soldiers clad in red tunics and bearskin hats

  • Admire the precision and gleaming coats of the household cavalry

  • Listen to history-rich commentary with ease using a personal headset

Your regal tour begins at a central location, where you greet your guide, don a personal headset, and receive a historical overview of the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Many tourists make the mistake of viewing the ceremony outside of Buckingham Palace. However, on this tour, handpicked vantage points ensure you get the best views of the royal tradition while listening to commentary that explains each part of the performance.

Marvel at the shimmering coats of the household cavalry as their riders control the horses with expert precision; capture photographs of the iconic red and black attire of the King's foot soldiers; and, move quickly between vantage points in a small group.

Your tour concludes outside of Buckingham Palace.

Please note: The Changing of the Guard ceremony is subject to changes in date, time, and cancellation at the discretion of British authorities. Cancellation due to bad weather is not announced before 11am. Even when canceled, customers still see a ‘wet change’ during which the guards march but without the usual music and parade.

from € 44.69

Discover the grandeur of London aboard the open-top, double-decker Big Bus on this hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour. Choose between our 24 hour or 48 hours options ticket, design a personal itinerary with stops including Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, St. Paul’s Cathedral and more. Enjoy unobstructed views and onboard commentary as you view the city’s highlights and upgrade to the fast-track London Eye option to get an aerial view of the city aboard the London Eye giant observation wheel. Hop off at Westminster Pier or Tower of London stop to enjoy a Thames River cruise.

  • Enjoy evening tour showcases the city’s famous landmarks and monuments as they are illuminated in the evening.

  • Sightseeing ticket valid for 24 hour ot 48 hours to explore London at your own pace

  • Upgrade to the fast-track London Eye option to take in panoramic views from the London Eye

  • Thames cruise included with each ticket option

  • Discover London by foot and experience our live guides on a choice of three themed walking tours on our 48 hours ticket option.

  • See top London attractions including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey

Why Travelers Choose This Tour

This ultra-customizable hop-on hop-off bus tour includes multiple routes and ticket durations.

from €93.03

Discover some of southern England’s most visited spots on this day trip from London. Delve into the history of the British Royal Family on an audio-guided tour of Windsor Castle. Unearth Neolithic secrets at Stonehenge, the UNESCO-listed stone circle that dates back thousands of years. Then explore Christchurch College, the Bodleian Library, and other renowned university buildings during a guided Oxford city tour.

  • Receive entry to three of England’s top sights in one day

  • Enjoy an audio tour of Windsor Castle

  • Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge on an audio-guided tour

  • See the University of Oxford’s most famous buildings during a walking tour

Why Travelers Choose This Tour

With transit, tickets, and a guide included, this three-part tour takes care of all the logistics for you.

from €111.88

Discover two gems of southern England on this full-day coach trip to Stonehenge and Bath from London. Travel to Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone monument that rises imperiously from Salisbury Plain. Gaze at the gigantic stones, learn how the monument was used, and then continue to the UNESCO-listed city of Bath to discover this gorgeous 18th-century city independently. Choose to stroll the elegant Georgian streets and see top Bath attractions such as the Royal Crescent as you wish; or upgrade to visit the stunning Roman Baths or Jane Austen Visitor Centre.

  • Explore the World-Heritage site of Stonehenge

  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Bath at your leisure

  • See Bath Abbey, the River Avon and other top city highlights

  • Upgrade your day trip with a visit to the Roman Baths or the Jane Austen Visitor Centre

Why Travelers Choose This Tour

Most day trips make a guided or very brief stop in Bath, but this tour lets you explore on your own for hours.

from €29.44

Experience London’s traditional drinking scene on this afternoon pub crawl. Accompany your guide on a fun and educational tour in and around the city, where you’ll visit at least four historic pubs and taste different brews (own expense). Pop into centuries-old ale houses, see literary haunts favored by writers like Charles Dickens, and learn about local drinking culture through the ages.

  • Visit four traditional London pubs in London Bridge, the City of London, Fleet Street, and Holborn

  • Discover what a real London pub looks like on a visit to an alehouse in Blackfriars

  • Sit down in a pub once frequented by Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Small-group tour with a maximum of 14 people ensures a more personalized experience

Why Travelers Choose This Tour Pair a walking tour of London's oldest neighborhood with visits to multiple atmospheric, historical pubs.

Above are few list of amazing things to do in London. However, click this link for more City's attractions, activities and wonderful places to explore and create memories.

Sharing some facts about London that you might not know yet.

1. London is the smallest city in United Kingdom

Yeah! you heard that right. London is actually just a small urban area part of the Greater London region. The city of London covers only 1.2 square miles and has a population of around 7,500 residents. Greater London, on the other hand, is an English region, which encompasses surrounding towns covering 606 square miles and having a population of over 8.7 million residents.

2. London is a Museum sanctuary.

London Has 170 Museums

London is an important cultural and historical centre and museums could not have missed in this area. If you get to visit this wonderful city you would definitely lose a lot from your trip if you don’t stop by one of them. The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, the British Library and the Wallace Collection are just some of them.

3. London: What Does The Name Stands For?

What you think today of an amazing city has a long and not completely known history. Some standing theories state that London was first built from Romans around 50 AD. The origin of its name has also a puzzling history. During history, London used to have different names including Londonium, Ludenwic, Ludenberg. The most accepted version is that the name for London has derived from the old Celtic word “Londinous” which means to be bold.

4. Famous RED Buses: London Buses Were Not Always Red

Red buses are for sure the most typical thing that your mind associates with London. The iconic vehicles didn’t always have this colour. Once upon a time each of them had a different colour with each colour signifying a different route. To stand out the competition the biggest company of buses London General Omnibus Company decide to paint their buses with the red colour in 1907. Ever since London buses have been red.

5. Crowded: Over 8.7 Million People Live In London

According to the most up-to-date estimation, more than 8.7 million people reside in the UK’s capital. As such, London is the largest city in the UK by population.

6. Rich & Famous: Most Billionaires In The World

More than 80 billionaires live in London making it the city with the highest number of billionaires in the world. Moreover, London billionaires represent 80% of all billionaires living in the UK. In this aspect, London leaves behind big cities like New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Paris, etc,

7. Big Ben Is Not The Name For The Tower

It is a very common mistake, but Big Ben is actually not the name for the iconic Tower in London. Big Ben is actually the name for the clock in the Tower. Even locals nowadays refer to this place as the Big Ben tower. The tower is located in the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. 2012 onward the object is named as Elizabeth Tower, but in the past, the tower was known as the Clock Tower.

8. Multi-Cultural: Over Than 300 Languages Are Spoken In London

There’s hardly any other place in the world more diverse than London. Expats coming from different nationalities share a large proportion of its population, which enumerates around 8.7 million residents. They practice their original traditions and communicate in their native language. Due to this unbelievable diversity in London, it is estimated that there are over 300 languages spoken in London. Chances are that if you’re on a trip to London you can easily someone to communicate in your native language.

9. It Is Not Easy To Become A Black Cab Driver

In most countries, you only need a driving license to work as a taxi. But this is obviously not the case with London. Black Cab drivers you see all around the city actually undergo lengthy training before they are given the job. Typically the training may last for 2 to 4 years and candidates must memorize every single street in London. In addition, they must also be able to make fast assumptions as per which is the route that takes the least time from one destination to another. Now you can easily understand why they charge such high fares.

10. The Highest Building In The EU

Located in the district of Southwark, Central London, the Shard is the tallest building in EU and fifth tallest in entire Europe. Built in 2012, the Shard stands almost 310 meters (1,016 feet) high. The amazing skyscraper has exactly 72 habitable floors. If you get to visit London any time and want to have a breathtaking view we recommend you to climb the Shard for an unforgettable experience.

Sharing my 4day plan city trip?

Since airfares are incredibly expensive, the best way to make a city trip is with a luxury touring car operated by different certified tour operators in The Netherlands. I am based in The Netherlands, that’s why I can recommend such.

1st day: Via one of the service lines we will arrive at the central transfer point, where you have the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee or tea. Then the trip starts from the main point driving to the ferry in Calais crossing to England. In the afternoon we will arrive at hotel in the London area.

2nd day : City Tour, Mayfair and St. James Walking Tour and Evening Tour

We start today with a city tour of London, where we will see many sights and beautiful buildings. In the afternoon hours, with a guide, we will have a walking tour at Mayfair and St. James . After this extensive day in London we drive back to our hotel. If the weather is favorable and enough interested participants, we can organize a nice evening tour.

3rd day: Shops & Pubs in London

You can fill in this day entirely according to your own idea. Our driver will drop us off in central London, where we can enjoy shopping in the well-known Harrods department store or in one of London's many other shops. A walk along the many sights or a visit to a museum is definitely recommended. And of course you can also have a drink in one of the many pubs.

4th day: Last day of our city trip. After breakfast we drive to the ferry in Dover for the crossing. We drive back to the Netherlands via Belgium. Along the way onboard the Ferry, we can still have some time to relax for a drink or some amusement, and don’t forget, the all-time favorite onboard the Ferry; tax-free shopping.

I can assure you that this 4-day London city trip is worth it. A short stay yet lots of discovery and interesting places could be explored.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" -Saint Augustine.



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