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Top tips to travel 2021

A practical guide to planning your next trip :

With the glimmer of travel very much back on the horizon, 2021 has promise. As restrictions ease, everyone has different travel priorities—younger generations are excited to get out there; the rest are only a couple of months behind, eager to get some rest and relaxation in by September.

What’s on your 2021 travel bucket list? Maybe it’ll be that exotic dream vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year. Maybe it’ll be a much-needed family reunion or a weekend away with friends after a heavily vacation-deprived year. Maybe it’ll be the long-awaited fun of one of 2020’s postponed wedding celebrations.

Whatever you’re looking forward to, the travel landscape has changed, and I can help you navigate it. Maybe you share some of the common questions we’re hearing right now: When can we travel again? Will travel resume in 2021? (yes!) Is travel safe?, How can I get the best deals and stay flexible? Where are the best destinations to explore right now?

To help you plan your trips in 2021, I've created this guide full of travel tips. And if you still have questions, give me a call. Whatever your reason for getting excited about travel again, I want to make sure it’s as easy and joyful for you as possible. Here are my top 6 recommendations.

1. Get inspired:

It is definitely possible to book a fantastic trip in 2021. But with some restrictions still in place—and a lot of pent-up demand, now is the moment to get inspired and start planning.

• Inspire your wanderlust by creating your own travel vision board.

• Make a night of it—order takeout, get a refreshing drink, and sit down with a pile of travel magazines for inspiration

• Reach out to people on social media to ask for recommendations. Ask to hear about their most memorable vacations, and what destinations turned out to be real hidden gems? You’ll inspire and uplift both yourself and others

• Check out your travel agent - travel counselor for great suggestions on transport, accommodation, and activities. They often have some great deals, too

Give me a call. I love dreaming up travel plans and chatting with people who are excited about their next vacation. I've got all kinds of ideas and practical advice to ignite your imagination.

2. If you’re traveling abroad, plan ahead:

Restrictions are easing in many countries—which will continue as vaccines get out there—but it still pays to choose your international destination carefully.

First, bookmark this page from the IATA Travel Centre. It shows you all the latest rules and restrictions for international arrivals. Simply scroll over the interactive world map to see everything at a glance. Some destinations only permit entry to residents, whereas other places are welcoming international travelers, with varying levels of conditions. Wherever you’re traveling, think:

Do you need to show a vaccine passport, negative COVID-19 test or proof of recovery? You usually have to take tests within three days of arrival, so you’ll need to make an appointment at a local testing facility.

Do you need to self-quarantine before or after travel? If you do, it may be possible to do this at home or in your own accommodation, but you might need to book a designated quarantine facility (at an additional cost). Might this change what you need to pack if you’re quarantining abroad?

Whenever you travel, you should be ready for the unexpected—more so now. Plan for last-minute changes and restrictions while you’re away, and for added peace of mind, speak to a travel expert. Yeah ! and that's me, your travel expert.

3. Explore your own backyard:

The beauty of domestic travel is it has much of the excitement and discovery of a trip abroad, but often with far less hassle. It’s been all too easy to miss the fantastic travel destinations right there on your doorstep.

When you’re planning your staycation, you could talk to your friends, family, and neighbors for ideas, inspiration, and recommendations. The tourist office usually has locals’ discounts and deals that are worth checking out, too. And, of course, you can give us a call because we have great partnerships with local companies that can make all the difference to your domestic travel experience.

Consider creating your ultimate staycation:

• Hire a car and head out on a road trip—there’s nothing like the freedom of packing up a car, turning the music up loud, and simply setting off to explore

• Satisfy your adventurous side with a camping trip. Pitch a tent in a beauty spot after a long day hiking and toast marshmallows over the fire

• Splash out on a romantic staycation at that fancy hotel you’ve always wanted to go to

• Plan a foodie tour of your local region—choose places by asking friends and neighbors for amazing local restaurant recommendations or their must-have local delicacies .

4. Be accommodation savvy:

So, you’ve decided where to go and what you’d like to do there. Next up: where to stay. Here are a few tips to help you get your accommodation right:

• Choose accommodation that offers flexible rates, with free cancelations, and the option to reschedule your trip easily

• Take a look at accommodation cleaning and safety protocols—most hotels now provide this information on their website. But if they don’t, just ask

• Pay extra attention to location. You might prefer to avoid public transport where possible, for example, so a hotel or apartment closer to the center could be important

• Consider booking a vacation rental. They typically offer more space than a conventional hotel, making them great if you’re traveling as a family or with a group of friends. Know that some vacation rental companies have introduced caps on the number of guests in properties, so make sure you check the rules before you arrive For peace of mind, talk to us. We have the inside track on all the best—and safest—places to stay and can liaise with owners to make sure they meet all your requirements.

5. Consider your transport carefully:

Transport companies have loads of processes in place to keep travelers safe, but when you’re booking your trip, take some time to think about the journey as well as the destination:

Consider a rental car rather than crowded public transport for transfers. There are lots of great deals around, and it gives you added flexibility and freedom

• Check your airline’s website for its health and safety policy. What cleaning and social-distancing procedures has it got in place?

• Remember travel is different now—you may need to check in earlier than usual; you might have to bring along extra paperwork. Stay organized and it’ll be easy

• Many major airlines have fantastic flexible deals on flights right now, with zero charges to rebook if your plans change. I've got access to all these rates, so chat with me to secure the best deal.

6. Stay safe and make memories: things to remember during your trip:

Most important of all, have fun! You deserve it. And the best way to have a vacation full of happy memories is to stay safe. Here are a few simple ways to do that:

Check your government’s website and sign up to get notifications so you are aware of any last-minute changes to restrictions, either in your destination or local area. When new quarantine rules come in, there is usually a window of time to get home

Get robust travel insurance that covers you for any COVID-19-related changes or problems. ( well. as your travel expert-travel counselor here, I can recommend you best travel insurance company). Look for policies with ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage

Stick to local guidance on social distancing. Stay safe by following guidelines at local tourist destinations and in your accommodation—think mask wearing, using hand sanitizer, and having your temperature taken

When heading abroad, you may also need to download a check-in app. Some countries require locals and travelers to use an app to log their arrival at certain locations in case they need to be contact traced.

Any questions or concerns? Just a message away !

We all love to travel, When we’re not traveling, we live vicariously through other people’s adventures.

I find great satisfaction in crafting the perfect trip for the travelers I serve, making their journeys just that little bit smoother by saving them time, money, and hassle. I have access to all the best deals for both transport and accommodation, and I know how to make the whole process easy and convenient. If you’re thinking of booking a trip in 2021–whether it’s an exotic holiday abroad or a weekend away with friends a few miles down the road–get in touch. Undoubtedly, I get you the best price with the most convenience.


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