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In 5 days ! I explored Prague, Czech Republic.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Who doesn't dream of a nice city break in Europe? Explore and discover other cultures, visit different sights and of course go shopping. A city trip that has it all.

One of my city trips, a complete arrangement-bus excursion. Simply awesome! A 5day Bus Tour in Prague, Czech Republic. I want to share how I visited stunning places, collected lots of memories with in five days. How I found one of the most diverse city trip within Europe aside from London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Vienna (bus excursions).

Let me begin with its history.

Prague, the Golden City on the Vltava, was once the seat of the alchemists. The famous Golden Street reminds us of this. Located in the heart of the ancient continent, Praha, as the Czechs call their capital, was one of the most important European cities for centuries. Beautiful buildings and monuments testify to the rich history of this thousand-year-old city. The Vltava River, which splits Prague in two, flows under several imposing bridges and past buildings with the most beautiful facades. Restored courtyards and palace gardens, closed for years under communism, have been reopened to the public. The city is dominated by Prague Castle. Construction of this fortress began as early as the 9th century. The oldest bridge over the Vltava, the Charles Bridge, dating from 1357, is now a beautiful promenade. The various districts in Prague have their own cozy character due to their countless narrow streets, alleys, stairs, shops and terraces. Wenceslas Square, the tourist heart of Prague, is also worthwhile. Jan Palach's memorial stone recalls the Prague spring of 1968. Of course the countless shops in the city and it is good to relax in one of the cozy beer cellars, where you can enjoy the world famous Czech beer.

Let me show you the varied excursion program of this 5-day Prague city trip, where we also take a full-day excursion outside Prague from day one to day five.

1st Day: Netherlands -Prague

From one of the assembly points, me and my group were transported to the central starting point where we had a cup of coffee /tea before we switched on to the journey. Onboard a luxury touring car with a friendly driver, we drove through German and Czech expressway, and of course with some stops at gasoline station/restaurant for a little refreshments and legs stretching. We arrived early in the evening and had a sumptuous dinner.

2nd Day- Lower Part-Prague City

After a bountiful breakfast, we left for the historic center of Prague. Together with our tour guide, we took an extensive walk through the Lower City, where we witnessed the most beautiful places and sights of the city. We’ve seen among other things, the Jewish Quarter, the old town hall with the astronomical clockwork, the old town square with the monument of Johannes Hus and the Powder Tower. Had a lunch in one of the city’s small restaurants. It wasn't bad at all since I was curious to taste its local dishes, was great! Followed by self-exploring, I did some shopping and not forgetting taking lots of memories, pictures here and pictures there. Imagine, on the second day alone, I had to transfer my files from my cellphone to my computer. Worth walking and discovering.

3rd Day : Prague Castle, Upper City and Evening Tour

Our 3rd day ! We visited Prague Castle, seat of the Czech government. In this monumental complex , we had again a walking tour under the guidance of our Dutch speaking tour guide, we visited the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Vladislav Hall and the Romanesque St. George's Basilica. We also explored the famous Golden Street, where writer Franz Kafka once lived and worked. Via the famous stone Charles Bridge over the Vltava, with the Baroque sculpture groups, we walked back to the old historic center. In the afternoon, each of us had a time to discover the city and did more shopping. Oh yeah, endless shopping centers that you might wish to close your eyes otherwise you will end up full of stuffs and bargains.

In the evening we had a fantastic evening tour of Prague. This evening tour one should not be missed. The lights of the city is so gorgeous that it won’t resist you in stepping out from the bus and take few pictures. Amazing !

4th Day : Nový Bor, Kokorindal and Melník

A very interesting day trip ahead of us on the 4th day. After our breakfast, full tummy again ! Our bus driver brought us to Nový Bor, where we visited a glass factory. Not only getting acquainted with the old craft, could also purchase the dazzling Bohemian glassware here at affordable prices. Then we drove through the beautiful Kokorin valley and the town of Kokorin to the wine town of Melník, which has a marvelous historic center. Melník is located in the middle of a wine-growing region, where wine has been produced since the 14th century. The city is at the point where the Vltava River and the Elbe merge. On the hill above the city is the impressive Renaissance castle Melník. Through a bewitching route we drove back to our hotel. It was quite tiring, but again, worth walking and exploring.

5th Day: Prague- Netherlands

Five days is too short ! After an early breakfast we drove back to the Netherlands with few stops along the way.

We were all dispatched to our designated assembly points.

What a marvelous city Prague is. We saw a lot and enjoyed this fairytale city. Our guide is almost perfect to educate us and informed everything about Prague's history with a lot of passion and patience. She did this really well and with the accompanying humor. Oh ! The Charles Bridge was very busy and full of hordes of tourists, but luckily after midnight I was able to take a stunning photo of this beautiful fairytale bridge. Again, it was a wonderful trip and worth coming back to this captivating city again.

Don’t miss this chance !

You may book this bus excursion including a seat in a luxury touring car, hotel stay with buffet breakfast, sightseeing tour together with our guide & driver.

Imagine, 5 days exploring one of the most famous city in Europe?

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